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Our Approach:

Decisive Information, Inc.’s approach to providing Competitive and Business Intelligence services  is unique to the industry.  Our company practice is to deliver tailored, precise, and effective services that have been created especially for the client based on how their organization works and their distinct position in the market place. Decisive Information, Inc. offers these services on a customized basis. We assess what you need and then create a custom, fixed-cost proposal that addresses the information, analysis, and reporting that you require.

Because the focus is on answering only your specific questions on a per-project basis, the need to pay ongoing subscriptions or retainer fees is eliminated. Customization also eradicates the task of your having to sieve through information, which is not relevant to your objective, in an industry “standard” report only to find it missing the critical information that you do need.  

Providing clients with access to  our exclusive network of some of the world’s top subject experts in their field, gives the opportunity to apply the latest industry knowledge to their project or problem. Decisive Information, Inc.’s world class research keeps our clients up to date about current national and international compliance requirements , ensuring the safe navigation that is critical in today’s business environment. Our company’s cutting edge analytics  guarantee that your decisions are quantitatively justified and not just speculative. Our Business Intelligence services show deep insight into our clients organization from an objective perspective, letting them see a clear picture. Competitive Intelligence as practiced by Decisive Information, Inc. utilizes public sources of information to accurately assess your competitors strengths, weaknesses and strategies in an ethical, legal manner; giving our clients the lead in their marketplace. Value, advantage, and results are inherent in Decisive Information, Inc.’s  methodology. Please contact us to explore the opportunities that our collaboration should provide.